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Start your barista adventure together with the products of this coffee bar in Ghent

Have you always dreamed of learning the barista skills necessary to brew the best coffee? Then this coffee bar in Ghent will gladly take you on a journey and teach you all there is to know about coffee. WAY is famous for their own brand of beans as well as their bar in the center of the city, where people go everyday to enjoy the most delicious drinks. They also organize educational workshops where they explain the different steps to using their professional coffee machines. Are you interested in one of their courses? Enrol today!

Get started yourself

Do you already have the basics of brewing coffee down? Then it is time to take the next step and try out the different barista tools that this coffee bar in Ghent sells in their online store. You can find all of their products on the website: There you will not only get to look between the many different coffees that they sell, but you will also discover their tamper and distributor combo. This tool distributes the coffee consistently evenly after you grinded the coffee in a portafilter. Thanks to this handy tool, you also get to tamper it by flipping the tool around. Because you won’t have to use multiple tools, you will safe a lot of space. On top of all of that, it is made in stainless steel. You won’t ever have to worry about it breaking down while you are making a delicious cup of coffee.

Discover even more barista tools

Is a tamper or distributor not exactly what you were looking for? No need to worry, because at the coffee bar these specialists in Ghent have so much more for you to discover. You can take a look at their full range of products online or visit WAY in the city to ask all your questions about their products.